Oink! Oink!

Get lucky!

Meet Lucky Piggy. He likes people who hold his tokens (LKPGY). The longer you hold his tokens, the more he likes you. And he rewards those he likes. How? He maintains a separate Piggy Bank from which he rewards a random token holder each week. Read on to know more.

Lucky Piggy is a lucky charm and he will sprinkle his luck & rewards on his token holders. To do that, he has set up a redistribution functionality through which 2% of each transaction is added to a Piggy Bank wallet. From this wallet, 10% will be given to a lucky winner each week in BNB. The lucky winner will be chosen from the holders of LKPGY tokens.

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Functional Values

Total Supply – 1000000000000000
Slippage – 12%


To Liquidity – 5%
To Holders – 2%
To Marketing Wallet – 2%
To Piggy Bank Wallet – 2%

Initial Allocation Percentage

Total Supply
Pancakeswap Liquidity
Initial Burn
Marketing Fund
Piggy Bank


Project Planning

Website Development

Launch Website

Set up Social Profiles

Launch Token

Community Marketing

Reach 1000 Telegram Members

Reach 250 Token Holders

Listing on Websites

Weekly Contest (Continuous)

Community Discussions

Paid Marketing

Reach 2500 Telegram Members

Reach 500 Token Holders

Apply for CoinMarketCap &

CoinGecko listing

As decided by the community


LuckyPiggy is a community based meme token on the BSC network where a lucky holders are chosen & rewarded in BNB.

No, this is not a charity token and we won’t pretend to be so.

You can buy it on Pancakeswap using the link given in the website.

1. Buy some BNB on Binance.

2. Transfer it to your Metamask wallet.

3. Visit our website – https://luckypiggy.club

4. Click on the “Purchase on Pancakeswap” button given in the website.

5. Set slippage to 12% or 13%. If LKPGY is not already selected, copy the contract address from our website and paste it into the output currency field.

6. Enter the amount of BNB you wish to buy for and click “Swap”. Confirm the transaction in your wallet.

7. Hold LKPGY tokens & pray to the Piggy Gods to bless you with luck to win some BNB.

It will be a fair launch.

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